What's coming in the January 2021 Outsmarted update?

What's coming in the January 2021 Outsmarted update?

Here's a quick rundown of all of the fixes and feature updates coming in our next update.

January App Updates - Coming Soon

We will shortly be releasing V1.1 of the Outsmarted apps, here is a list of fixes and feature updates: 


  1. Question Repeats Resolved
  2. Player & Team details will move between iOS devices and Android & PC devices
  3. The spinning wheel will no longer show when you select a ring question
  4. A glitch in the Final Round that caused freezing issues is resolved
  5. A glitch with connected devices causing freezing issues is resolved
  6. An issue with the autosaved game being inaccessible upon restart has been resolved
  7. The inability to select gallery images on some devices for player photos has been resolved
  8. An issue with editing teams and saving team icons on some devices has been resolved
  9. Sometimes 30 second assist did not register, has been resolved
  10. Sometimes assists count for a player or team was different across devices, has been resolved
  11. Some issues with Windows 10 regarding Macafee and Windows firewall, has been resolved


  1. Windows 10 version exit button
  2. Go back from the question screen if wrong question selected
  3. Ability to exit the game from the question selection screen
  4. Bonuses relating to an upcoming question now with a popup
  5. Option for play to move on to next player after 4 to 6 questions for more dynamic gameplay
  6. Player's character now shows on question selection screen
  7. Assists set to zero by default in new game setup
  8. Connecting devices simplified - Full View and Controller View only
  9. Updated leaderboard design that shows connected devices more clearly
  10. Ability to connect a disconnected controller at the end of each round at the leaderboard without the need to restart the game
  11. Ability to send "Join Game" code via SMS, Whatsapp etc.
  12. Question selections screen has revised "Ring Question" design
  13. Scroll bars on Windows 10 version
  14. Information popup on start with latest news, tips & updates


  1. A Full Question Store with multiple packs, filter and recommended selections
  2. The ability to connect controller at any point
  3. The ability for joining players to add their own image and name rather than the host
  4. Multiple languages for menu interface
  5. A points based timed game option
  6. Redesign of various screens
  7. 3D animated cut scenes at the start of the game, upon winning a ring and at the end of the game
  8. A new, more exciting Final Round
  9. New random events
  10. Access to bonus question pack for applicable users
  11. Select exact number of each type of assist per player
  12. The ability to change the core question pack
  13. The ability to change a category for a custom category
  14. Answer questions via voice recognition


  1. Movie video clip questions in core pack
  2. Song clip questions in core pack
  3. A wider choice of video based questions in other categories in core pack
  4. A new selection of Quick Thinking questions in core pack