Version 1.4 of the Outsmarted app has arrived!!

Version 1.4 of the Outsmarted app has arrived!!

Version 1.4 of the Outsmarted app has finally arrived and it's a big leap!

Fellow Outsmartians,

Version 1.4 of the Outsmarted app has officially launched!

Version 1.4 of the app includes over 80 improvements, the main feature updates are:

** Enhanced graphics and user-interface

** New points based game mode, ideal for 30/60/90 minute games where a faster-paced gameshow style experience is desired!

** New and improved virtual board with push to talk functionality, a legend during use of the virtual board, support for multiple players on same device and pinch to zoom function to zoom in and out of the board

** Virtual board visible to all devices

** New question pack selection and category selection screens with drag to replace interface

** Ability to purchase and select alternative question packs and categories ready for launch of first packs on October 15th 2021!

** Enhanced end of game winning screen

** Treasure chest bonuses

** New points multiplier in points games

** Direct technical support link from home screen

** Ability to view an explanation of the answer for difficult questions

** German, French and Dutch UI

** Improved Home Screen design with new theme track

** Increased limit for gallery player images to 15mb per image

** ‘Try me’ option auto-detects region

** Questions with video AND sound simultaneously

In just a few days time new categories will begin to become available in the app on the category selection screen. This includes some free bonus categories! We hope you enjoy this exciting new dimension to the game.

Our next major update is such a big one that it’s titled – OUTSMARTED 2 – It will be available in late 2022.

Many thanks to all of our game owners. If you enjoy our game please leave us a positive review on the Apple or Google app stores.

Try not to be Outsmarted!!

The Outsmarted Team