Version 1.3 has arrived and it's packed full of exciting upgrades!!

Version 1.3 has arrived and it's packed full of exciting upgrades!!

Version 1.3 of the Outsmarted app has finally arrived. Read on to find out more...

Well folks,

If you're reading this then Version 1.3 of the Outsmarted app is finally released!

Here are the main upgrades in Version 1.3

** Entirely new user interface with much improved graphics and smoothness
** Multiplayer games are now handled by a Photon multiplayer server with built in voice chat functionality bringing much greater stability and lower latency to multiplayer games
** Turbo mode is a new selectable option during game setup which adds further excitement to gameplay
** Individual volume sliders have replaced the original mute buttons for sound effects and in-game music
** Volume levels can now be adjusted at any point during gameplay
** Tooltips have been added throughout the game to help guide new players
** The winner's screen now features the option to view individual player / team statistics for that game
** The exact quantity of each type of assist can be selected during game setup to suit your preferences
** The entire core question set has been upgraded. (**Sound & Music is still based on the old question set, it will be upgraded in the coming fortnight) 
** 300 new questions have been added to the Final Round
** Almost all questions now feature incredible licensed images and there's over 100 new video clip questions!!
** Connecting additional local or remote devices to the host device has been simplified and improved
** Outsmarted now supports multiple languages. The first language 'Dutch' is already available in app
** The genius miniatures are now available as team icons to simplify remote play team games
** There is now 'push to talk' in-app voice chat functionality to greatly improve remote-play games
** Remote devices now have access to a virtual board to further streamline remote-play games
** The introduction sequence to the game has been improved with the Unity logo removed
** Random questions now feature their own pre-question video sequence
** Ring questions now feature their own pre-question video sequence
** Help and Statistics options on the Home Screen have been relocated to improve the UI
** When adding / editing teams the team icons now display in a gallery
** Various glitches and instability issues have been resolved
** Comprehensive and easy to follow 'Quick Start Instructions' have been created and are available in-app!
** Auto-update has been enabled so that all users are always using the same and latest version of the app
** The main question screen has greatly improved UI
** The Final Round now carries forward any correct answers from previous attempts at the Final Round
** Apple users can now add their email address during registration and get warnings if they play without registering
** Windows 10 version of the app now has a Sectigo Code Signing certificate installed to ensure anti-virus software does not cause issues during installation
** Kickstarter backers 'Backers Pack' featuring questions by backers has been enabled
** Play with multiple question packs has been enabled with proportional questions serving based on pack size

In addition: 

** The website has been upgraded
** The website has been upgraded


You'll be really pleased to know we have even bigger plans for the future!!

The next update (Version 1.4) will be released much more quickly than this current update and development is already underway with a planned release date of June 2021.

It will feature:

1. Points based variations of the standard game... all we can tell you is that they are very exciting to play!!

2. The Question Store Grand Opening. At first with a limited selection of question packs but with MANY more to come in 2021 and beyond

3. The ability to change the standard categories included with Outsmarted for custom categories during game setup with a simple drag an drop interface.

4. New in game bonuses and events

Then we will begin work on our last, but biggest update of 2021.


  1. New head to head aspects to gameplay so that more than one player / team is sometimes in play at the same time
  2. Team play online against other game owners signed up to the Outsmarted Team Play League
  3. A new, much more exciting Final Round
  4. Many more custom question categories and question packs in the Question Store
  5. Hundreds of Sound & Music questions featuring licensed song clips
  6. A fully virtual 3D version of the board with animated characters
  7. New genius miniature characters

We would like to thank everyone for their patience. We realise this update has been long awaited by many of you, but we hope it has been worth the wait.

We are confident that by the end of June when Version 1.4 is released that Outsmarted will have become the game we set out for it to be when we launched back in December 2020.

That's all for now folks! We hope you enjoy the update!

The Outsmarted Team