Version 1.2 Released! Find out what's new and improved

Version 1.2 Released! Find out what's new and improved

Version 1.2 of the Outsmarted app has arrived. Read on to find out more...

Here are the main upgrades in Version 1.2

** The restriction on number of connecting devices and devices per team has been removed
** Various glitches and instability issues have been resolved
** The limit on the size of player photos has been increased from 5mb to 10mb
** An error with autosaved games where rings are allocated to the wrong players has been resolved
** Images now show on all ANDROID devices regardless of firewall issues
** Over sensitivity to loss of connection has been resolved

In addition coming very soon are the following further fixes and improvements: 

** Windows version will bypass all virus protection (at the moment virus protection must be disabled during install)

What about the bonus and backer question packs? 

** The bonus pack will be available to all eligible game owners within 14 days
** The backers pack for Kickstarter backers will be available to all eligble game owners within 14 days


The new update is a big one and will be available in approximately 3 weeks time. It will feature:

  1. A Full Question Store with multiple packs, filter and recommended selections. At least 4 great new packs available at launch.
  2. Multiple languages for menu and game interface to accommodate alternative language versions of the app
  3. 3D animated versions of the characters featuring throughout the game
  4. A completely redesigned interface throughtout the game with new skins
  5. An improved question screen
  6. New bonuses including treasure chests

Also coming in 2021:


  1. A fully virtual 3D version of the board with animated charcters
  2. Quick fire points based timed game mode
  3. Memory of player / team settings, including number of assists
  4. More data available at the end of each game about position statistics  
  5. The ability for joining players to add their own image and name rather than the host
  6. A new, more exciting Final Round
  7. Many more custom category question packs
  8. New random events
  9. Select exact number of each type of assist per player
  10. The ability to change a category for a custom category
  11. Answer questions via voice recognition


  1. Movie video clip questions in core pack
  2. Song clip questions in core pack
  3. A wider choice of video based questions in other categories in core pack
  4. A new selection of Quick Thinking questions in core pack

  Version 1.2 of the app has the following features: