Known App Issues (Version 1.4)

Known App Issues (Version 1.4)

Issues updated 12 December 2021


Huawei devices may experience crashing issues after upgrading to the latest version of the app. To rectify this is it necessary to delete the app, clear the cache and then re-install the app. Our support team can help you with this, please use our
support form for assistance. 


We recommend using a Windows laptop for the most reliable remote play performance. If you are using a tablet or mobile device then please ensure you have ample battery, notifications turned off and that you are close enough to the WiFi router to get totally consistent connection. Should you get disconnected then please re-join the game using the original "Join Game" code.

Should the host lose connection, then all devices should exit the app and the host should then access the "AUTOSAVED GAME" that is available on the Home Screen to continue the game from the point at which it was interrupted.


There is a switch on the side of your iphone / ipad that activates a silent mode. Flicking the switch will enable in-game sound and music. For newer iPad's this switch is now a software switch, please look for the bell icon in the pull down settings of your iPad or contact us for assistance.


Please ensure that both the TV and device from which you are streaming are situated close to your router with a strong connection. Even so, performance can be glitchy and this is beyond our control and is an inherent limitation of the technology. We recommend the smoothest and most reliable way to connect Outsmarted to your TV is via an HDMI cable. In the future we will be developing specific apps for the major Smart TV OS's as an alternative to casting.

If you experience any issues not listed here or wish to report an error in a question included in the game please use our contact form to let us know.

Enjoy the game!

The Outsmarted Team