How to register the Outsmarted app on your Apple devices

How to register the Outsmarted app on your Apple devices

A quick and easy to follow explanation of how to register on Apple devices.

The registration process for for iOS devices is different to the one we describe for Android and PC devices, and the instructions included in older physical versions of the Outsmarted physical game.

If you do not register correctly on your Apple device you WILL get repeat questions within the first 30 minutes of play as you will only be seeing the FREE sample questions, not the entire Outsmarted core question pack of 6,000+ questions.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, here's are the three simple steps you need to perform to correctly registering:

1) Locate the small blue box at the bottom left of the Home Screen that says "Already own the game?" and tap on it.

2) Enter your first name as the Username, your License Key (inside the game box) as your password and also your emaii address.

3) Select your region from the region popup

That's it, you're literally ready to roll!

If you have successfully registered, the the blue box saying "Already own the game?" will disappear on the Home Screen.

Enjoy the game!